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Why do you need Calibration?

Calibration of your instruments is an important part of owning a digital multimeter. When you purchase a multimeter, it comes calibrated from the factory based on a specific set of standards to insure that the readings of the meter are accurate. Over time those readings may “drift” from their calibrated standard and the meter may begin to give less and less accurate readings. Calibration ensures that your instrument continues to function within the manufacturer’s specifications and that your readings continue to be accurate to the standards set when the tool was manufactured.

Regular calibration helps you:

- Assure consistent quality of your production output

- Lower operating cost due to enhanced reliability

- Gain optimal access to international markets

- Establish a quality system

- Address quality audit and reviews

- Maintain quality of specifications

- Meet production control criteria

- Measure inspection and testing results

- Establish calibration traceability